5 Items That Make The Perfect Pantry

5 Items That Make The Perfect Pantry

If you're looking to learn a new skill then why not try your hand at cooking? Now is the perfect opportunity to learn new things and explore - even if that is just to your kitchen cupboards!

We recently spoke to Matt, who is the founder and head chef at Veg Heads, a wholesome plant based fast food business local to Hertfordshire and Essex. He taught us how to make his delicious 'El Beano' Burger which you can check out here.

But to help get you started on your new cooking journey, here is Matt's take on the 5 ingredients that every vegan chef should have in their cupboard and why they are great. 

Ground Cayenne Pepper - A fantastic spicy and smooth flavour, that goes well in a plethora of dishes and spice blends.

Nutritional Yeast - Yellowy flakes of inactive yeast that adds a cheesy, nutty taste to any dish or blend, with a protein boost.

what is nutritional yeast?

Chickpeas - These balls of awesomeness are so versatile, great in curries, burgers, salads, and blended into hummuses.

Cornstarch/Corn Flour - A light, gluten free to plain bleached flours, to bulk up gravies and sauces, it doesn’t dilute flavours, and is widely available. Also really good to use with salt and pepper to create a light batter, to crisp up tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc.

Frozen bananas - So when bananas go brown, they get sweeter and softer. Once chopped into slices, store in tupperware in the freezer, and once frozen, put into a blender with an array of other fruits and nuts/seeds (or just some form of plant milk). They produce the loveliest smoothies (or ice cream). 

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If you want to check out Veg Heads and all their delicious vegan street food then you can visit their website at www.vegheadsfood.co.uk.

Here is a little message from Matt about what they'll be doing when events get back to normal!

"We will be easing our way back into events, such as popups at cool bars and pubs around Herts and Essex, and we will be at a range of non-vegan and vegan events across the south east. Keep an eye on our website/social media: www.Vegheadsfood.co.uk // @vegheadsfood."