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What Is Slowvember?

2020 has been a year of quick decisions, quick responses and quick purchases, but it’s time to slow everything down. It’s time for Slowvember. 

Here at Evolve we have turned November into Slowvember. 

We want to help you use this month as a chance to take a breath and press pause on the stresses and strains of modern life, learning how to slow down and do things at your own pace.

We like to believe that positive thinking is a key part of stress management, so we are looking at the next few weeks almost as a month long meditation. Using it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our skin, and how to properly nourish it. As well as focusing on the health of our minds and bodies through a mix of simple self care rituals and gentle yoga and meditation.

With everyone being asked to stay at home again, this is going to be a month of rest, relaxation and caring for those who may need additional support, so we hope you join us on our journey throughout Slowvember, and take some time to simply slow down. 

What Will Slovember Involve?

We are taking the time to appreciate the small things this month and we want to help you do the same. 

As a result we will be sharing content around how you can have a healthy mind, body and soul throughout the month and anything else we feel will help you through what may be a tricky time for a lot of people. We'll also be helping you to find the products that your skin needs this month, rather than encouraging you into rushing into purchases as often happens in the run up to Christmas. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our Wellness Centre for our most recent posts, or sign up for our newsletter to hear the thoughts of our founder Laura. 

Remember To Slow Down

The most important thing to remember this month is that you have the ability to hit pause if things all get too much. It may not seem like it at times, but we are all in this together as a member of the Evolve family you have a strong base you can call upon if needs be. 


From The Evolve Team