How To Clean Your Pumps

How To Clean Your Pumps

At Evolve we are always looking for ways to improve our products, making them greener, more sustainable and as eco friendly as possible. One way that we have taken a step towards the right direction is by implementing a pumpless refill option over lots of our products!

This is a really easy way that our lovely customers can reduce their waste and save some money! The idea is that once you have ordered a product for the first time, you already have the pump that comes with it, so the next time you order it you can select the “pumpless refill” option on the product page so you can reuse the pump you already have at home!

However, it is still really important to clean your pumps between uses, so here is a simple guide:

Step One: Take off your pump and wash it out with warm water, we don’t recommend adding soap because if there is any left in there you’ll be transferring it onto your skin along with your products!

Step Two: Fill your bottle up halfway with warm water and screw the pump back on top.

Step Three: Pump through the warm water to ensure that your pump is clean all the way through!

Step Four: Now you are ready to reuse your pump! Why not upcycle your bottle too to further reduce your waste? You can use it to make your own calming pillow spray!


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