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Everything You Need To Know About Face Serums

Would you like to include face serums into your skincare routine but don’t know what they do or which serum would be best for you? Face serums come in a variety of textures for different skin types and concerns and with an array of potent and effective ingredients, so whether you are looking for anti wrinkle serums, peptide serums or face serums for oily skin, there is likely to be a serum that is perfect for you.

What Do Serums Do?

Serums are a great addition to any skincare routine, designed to be easily absorbed and produce fast acting, visible results with only a small amount of product. Unlike moisturisers and other creams and lotions, serums are designed to target, boost and repair specific skin concerns and issues, such as dull or dry skin and blemish prone or oily skin. Serums contain higher levels of those potent active ingredients that enhance the formula and help the serum to get right to work, providing results fast.

model applying hyaluronic acid face serum

Serums are a powerful tool when it comes to skincare.

Which serum is best for my face?

Before choosing a serum it is best to think about your skin type and what result you are looking for. Sometimes it can be beneficial to use more than one serum at a time, whether it's to give your skin an all over boost or to help balance combination skin, as different areas of your face may have different needs or issues.

What Serums Should I Use:

One of the reasons that people may use a serum is to get age defying benefits. Serums can contain powerful clinically proven ingredients that help with signs of ageing, such as Argireline ™ Amplified Peptide to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Peptides to boost collagen production and Vitamin C to brighten and even out skin tone. Due to the specific nature of serums, there are different options depending on your skin's age and what solutions you may be looking for.

Serums can also be used to help improve or repair the skin’s barrier layer, working to boost the overall health of the skin whilst protecting it from both internal and external factors as well as controlling oily and blemish prone skin and providing hydration.


If you are looking to boost hydration in your skin, our Hyaluronic Serum 200 is the ideal way to plump, smooth, and lock in moisture. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, and it is a natural constituent of skin. However as we age, the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin slows, which is why using a Hyaluronic Acid serum is a great way to boost production and give your skin the hit of hydration it needs.

hyaluronic acid serum

Our Hyaluronic Serum 200 is suitable for all skin types - £32

Age Defying:

First signs of ageing:

Our Bio Retinol + C Booster is a great product to have when it comes to tackling the first signs of ageing. This powerful serum contains two clinically proven ingredients, Vitamin C and Bakuchiol, that will help boost radiance and protect the skin from signs of ageing as well as improving cellular vitality and turnover.

Vitamin C has been proven to boost the production of collagen within the skin. Our oil-based Vitamin C is more absorbable than regular Vitamin C and is converted and activated once it is on the skin.

Bakuchiol, a natural source of Bio-Retinol, has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles and boost cellular renewal making it a great asset to any age defying skincare product. Together these ingredients help to prevent and defend against the first signs of ageing.

vitamin c serum

Our Bio Retinol + C Booster is suitable for all skin types - £28

Early Ageing:

While dullness and lack of firmness in the skin can appear at any time for many reasons, they are often associated with ageing. A serum with Peptides can help brighten, smooth and visibly rejuvenate skin, protecting it against further damage.

Our Peptide 360 Face Serum contains clinically proven firming Peptides that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as organic Maca, which works to boost brightness and skin luminosity whilst reducing the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone. This is a great all-rounder for helping to prevent visible signs of ageing as well as reducing any that may be appearing.

peptide serum

Our Peptide 360 Serum is suitable for Normal/Dry Skin - £44

Visibly Ageing:

If you are beginning to notice lack of definition and sagging in your jawline, neck and face it may be time to introduce more powerful peptides that will work to deliver a lifting and firming effect.

Our new Age Defying Lifting Serum is formulated with 12% of powerful actives including peptides and collagen-boosting ingredients that thrive in freezing conditions to deliver non-invasive, instant and long lasting firming and lifting results for visibly younger-looking skin.

These include Argireline™ Amplified Peptide, which has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and two glycoproteins sourced from the deep sea; Reunion Island Marine Active (also known as Sirtalice™) that helps to provide a v-shape lifting effect along the jawline and Antarcticine™ Marine Ingredient that works to boosts the production of collagen.

This new serum has been shown to deliver significant results with up to a 43% reduction in wrinkle volume.*

*Clinically tested on 29 consumers using the product twice a day for 28 days.

lifting serum

Our Age Defying Lifting Serum is suitable for all skin types - £54

Barrier Repair Serum:

Facial serums designed to repair and protect the skin barrier are a great tool when it comes to improving your skin's ability to lock in and retain moisture.

Our Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum contains naturally derived ceramides, which are types of lipids (fats) that help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and boost hydration whilst helping to prevent loss of skin elasticity and firmness. This serum also contains Blue Tansy, an ingredient known to calm and reduce inflammation, redness and irritation, as well as plant-based Squalane, an olive oil derived emollient proven to be an exceptional natural hydrator, that is naturally produced by your skin until your mid-20’s. This serum is a great option if you are looking for a way to nourish and repair the barrier layer of dry and sensitive skin to help it relax and calm down.

ceramide serum

Our Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum is suitable for Dry/Sensitive skin - £36

Our certified organic Rosehip Miracle Oil contains pure, organic Rosehip Oil that helps to strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier as well as boost cell regeneration, to reveal healthy, glowing skin. This means that it helps to improve the appearance of scars and reduce the presence of hyperpigmentation over time as the skin regenerates. Rosehip Oil is also beneficial when it comes to blemish prone skin, as its linoleic acid content can help to rebalance sebum production, resulting in calmer skin.

organic rosehip oil

Our Rosehip Miracle Oil is suitable for all skin types - £30

Blemish treatment and oil control:

Oily skin, especially an oily T-zone, and active breakouts can be tricky to control, however with the right serum, such as our Salicylic Rescue Serum you can prevent and treat them easily. Blemishes are caused by three main factors: a skin blockage made up of dead skin cells, overproduction of oil, and an imbalance of skin bacteria. Our Salicylic Rescue Serum helps to work on all three of these areas.

Salicylic Acid is a natural exfoliant, and because it is oil-based, it can be more easily absorbed into the pore to exfoliate from within. It is naturally derived from Willow Bark, and possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation.

This serum also contains a rainforest blend of Acai, Copaiba and Andiroba that reduces the appearance of blemishes and balances oil production by decreasing the production of excess sebum.

salicylic acid serum

Our Salicylic Rescue Serum is suitable for Oily/Blemish prone skin - £25

How to Use Serums:

What order should I apply serums?

Each serum will have its own usage instructions, but as serums are designed to penetrate the epidermis, it is important that you apply them before your moisturiser which is designed to provide a protective layer to the top of your skin.

How do I layer serums?

Water-based serums are lighter and quickly absorbed by the skin, making them the ideal serum to use first. For example, our Hyaluronic Serum 200 would be applied first, then emulsion based serums such as our Age Defying Lifting Serum followed by any oil based serums such as our Bio Retinol + C Booster or our Rosehip Miracle Oil.

Allow a few seconds between each application so that each serum is able to absorb fully before you move on to the next step in your routine. Applying your serums in this order will allow for maximum absorption of each product.

Layering serums can help achieve two different goals with all over application. For example, our Glass Skin Bundle contains our Hyaluronic Acid serum to help plump and hydrate the skin as well as our Blue Velvet Ceramide Serum to restore and soothe dry and sensitive skin. These products work together to give your skin a dewy complexion that is so luminous it looks just like glass.

glass skin duo

Our Glass Skin Bundle is suitable for all skin types - £54

You can also use separate serums in different areas, or zones, of your face. It isn’t uncommon to suffer from breakouts or an oily T-zone and only need to apply blemish serum or treatments such as our Salicylic Rescue Serum to the affected areas. Or, you may suffer from dry or dull cheeks and want to use a hydrating serum such as our Hyaluronic Serum 200 to brighten, nourish and lock in moisture.

Serums can also be added as a booster to our moisturisers, for those in a hurry or on the go, our Bio Retinol + C Booster and Rosehip Miracle Oil are created with this in mind and mix perfectly with our moisturising products.

How do I know if a serum is really working?

Serums are often fast acting, delivering visible results almost immediately, however, with continued use serums can provide long term, visible solutions for your skin.

They work to provide visibly firmer, smoother and refreshing results to the outer layer of skin while working deeper in the skin to combat the tougher, underlying skin issues and concerns, which is why continued and consistent use is key to getting the best and most visible results.

When our Hyaluronic Serum 200 was tested by a panel of 51 people for four weeks, 70% agreed that their skin looked and felt smoother and 87% agreed that their skin looked and felt more hydrated.

How to make the most of your serums:

Facial serums can be a great resource when it comes to caring for your skin. They are a fast acting, lightweight powerhouse that gives you quick and visible results. Making sure that your serums suit your needs and are being applied and used in the most effective way is the key to getting the best results possible and helping you to combat your skin concerns.

If you’re unsure on which serum and other skincare products will work best for you and your skin, take a look at our skin quiz, to get a personalised selection of products to best benefit your skin. If you are looking for a more in depth selection, or just have questions, then you can chat to our skincare expert by booking a free skincare consultation.


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