Our Regenerative Packaging

As a brand we go beyond the product and beyond aiming for sustainable. It’s about regeneration and making sure we put more good into the planet than we take from it. We think it’s cool to care which is why we’re restlessly pushing to become truly regenerative.

The Evolve Christmas Collection is all about putting more back into the earth than we take. With a tree donated for every gift set purchased, we’re working with Earthy to further offset our Carbon emissions.

And it’s not just for Christmas - a selection of our gifts live on beyond the new year. 

mycelium technology

A range of our Christmas gift sets come in our brand new mushroom-based packaging which takes our sustainable packaging ethos one step further. 

Made by Magical Mushroom Co and their Mycelium technology, this revolutionary packaging is fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Mycelium is the vegetative structure of mushrooms, which has provided a sustainable and home compostable alternative to more traditional packaging.

Mycelium is an eco-friendly and renewable resource which can be recycled and regrown time and time again.