The 4 Skin Boosting Plants You Need To Grow In Your Skincare Garden

The 4 Skin Boosting Plants You Need To Grow In Your Skincare Garden

Now it is no secret that we love using natural ingredients in each of our skincare products, because we know that they are truly the best for your skin and for the planet. But what about using home grown natural ingredients for yourself?

In this blog we talk about some different plants that you can grow yourself which hold amazing skincare benefits too! So you can get crafty and make your own skincare from your organic garden!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is definitely a favourite when it comes to natural skincare. It is good for soothing and healing the skin due to the powerful antioxidants found in its gel. It works well to help soothe the initial pain of the wound but also because of Aloe Vera’s molecular structure it can help to heal wounds quickly.  It can also help to minimise some scarring caused by wounds. This is because Aloe Vera boosts collagen and helps to fight bacteria. 

Aloe Vera is also good for balancing the complexion of the skin as studies have found that it can reduce erythema, which is redness in the skin. It also works great as a moisturiser as the gel found in the plant’s leaves is 99.5% water, so it's a great way to boost hydration back into your skin.  

If you want to use Aloe Vera on your skin simply cut off a leaf of the plant as close to the base as possible, don’t worry the plant will heal itself! Then you can remove either end and the top layer of the leaf to reveal the Aloe Vera gel. Now all you have to do is use it on your skin!

aloe vera

Rose Water

Roses are a great flower to grow, especially if you have mature skin as it holds a host of anti-ageing benefits! Rose water can not only help to firm and tone your skin but also helps to reduce redness and irritation whilst boosting moisture levels. 

It is really easy to turn rose petals from your garden into a simple face toner. Just pick your petals from the flower, then heat them in a pan of water over a low heat for about 20 minutes, but make sure not to let the water reach a simmer! Then all you have to do is strain the petals and make sure to compost them before pouring your new toner into an empty bottle to reuse! 

Try upcycling one of our Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner bottles which would work great!

rose water


You may already be familiar with using slices of cucumber to de-puff and relax your eye area, but cucumbers contain lots of nutrients that can help your skin in even more ways! 

They have anti-inflammatory properties which mean that they are great for calming down and soothing irritated skin, and they’re loaded with antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C and folic acid. This means cucumbers can help with fighting fine lines and wrinkles whilst boosting collagen!

You can make a simple face mask to reap the benefits of cucumbers by peeling the skin and placing the flesh into a blender! Just apply onto your skin and leave for 15 minutes as you relax, then wash away!

cucumber skin benefits

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are more commonly used in cooking to infuse dishes with their aromatic flavour, but you can use them on your skin and hair too! 

For centuries bay leaves have been used as part of Ayurveda, an Eastern medicine practice with roots in India. This practice uses antioxidant rich bay leaves to treat hair, helping to lift dandruff from the scalp and strengthening hair follicles. All you need to do is boil a few bay leaves in water for 20 minutes before straining and leaving it to cool. Then soak your hair in this water before continuing with your usual shampooing routine.

bay leaves hair benefits

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