Here at Evolve, we try to do our best to be eco-friendly. That’s why our packaging is made out of either glass or 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, both of which are fully recyclable. This means that buying from us reduces your overall plastic waste, and the more people choose brands that are eco-friendly, the more other companies will try to match their competition. We all know we should be using canvas bags (or at least reusing old plastic ones) for our shopping, but what else can we all do around the home to ensure we’re sending less plastic to landfill and out into our oceans?

recyclable tote

We’ll start with skincare, because it’s what we know best! If you use cotton pads to remove your makeup, chances are you’ve noticed that those cotton pads come in single-use plastic bags. Why not swap them out for the reusable kind instead? There are many types on the market, ranging from organic cotton to a blend of cotton and muslin. You can even make your own! Then simply use the pads as you normally would, and chuck them in the washing machine whenever you’re putting a load on. This one will save you money, too: in the long run, buying reusable cotton pads (alongside nappies, etc.) works out significantly cheaper than the single-use variety.

reusable wipes

Talking of washing machines, another huge source of plastic pollution is, sadly, our clothes. Many contain plastic microfibers that slip out when washed, so even if you hang on to them for years then donate them to a charity shop (which is what we recommend!), every time you wash them a little more plastic drains away into the ocean. While the best option would be to stop making and buying clothes that contain plastic, sometimes that just isn’t feasible - and there are plenty of plastic-containing clothes already in circulation! Instead, why not invest in something like a Guppy Friend Washing Bag? You put your clothes in it before you wash them, and it catches all the plastic fibres that escape from the garments. Easy!

plastic in fabrics

Going back to saving money alongside saving the Earth, let’s talk about reusable water bottles and keep cups. We have a feeling no one would be able to pry our morning coffee from us if they tried, but don’t worry; we’re not trying to tell you to give up your hot drink habit. Instead, invest in a keep cup that you can carry around with you - there are thousands of different designs, including a collapsible iteration that is perfect for chucking in a bag. All the coffee shops we’ve come across are more than happy to use yours instead of a disposable cup, which inevitably comes with a plastic lid. And don’t get us started on straws! Ditto to reusable water bottles: not only do they look significantly more stylish than the crumpled plastic variety, but you can also pick and choose a model that works best for you.

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