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Body Oils: What They Do & How To Use Them

When it comes to skincare, the focus is almost always on our face with a plethora of products and routines available, but what about the rest of our body?

Moisturise and move on? Not anymore! Our skin is the largest organ we have and more often than not we tend to take it for granted until it begins showing signs we don’t like, ageing, dullness, dry skin etc. A comprehensive skincare routine will usually include a combination of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and creams, however when it comes to the rest of our bodies, most people will simply moisturise and move on, focusing more on the face.

We have decided to add a new addition to the body care routine, to help our customers give their skin a little extra love and attention to improve their skin quality and achieve firmer, younger looking skin all over!

 woman rubbing body oil on shoulder

Body Oils are a great alternative to heavy lotions and moisturisers.

What Are Body Oils Exactly?

Body oils are quickly becoming a popular and crucial step in skincare routines thanks to their ability to not only nourish and moisturise the skin but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with a lovely healthy glow. A good body oil will be an all over treatment that helps to penetrate the skin deep down and lock in hydration, leaving skin feeling supple, smooth, and noticeably refreshed from your toes to the tips of you fingers and everything in between often with the added benefit of a lovely natural scent.

Body oils are universal and almost anyone can use them regardless of skin type. For those with a drier skin type who are prone to eczema or rosacea can find relief with a natural organic body oil where their skin may naturally produce less oils that others, they help to lock in and retain moisture whilst replacing the oils the skin may be struggling to produce. For other types of skin, the addition of nourishing body oils is just another great way to give attention to areas of the body that are often neglected. They are also a simple and effective way to upgrade your self care routines and pamper yourself!

Body oils are also a great tool for anyone who struggles with dry skin, signs of ageing and dull skin, and are perfect for those who work in dry air-conditioned offices and buildings to those who work outdoors or in a more labour-intensive role, clearing away impurities and the days build up and providing relief and nourishment.



Benefits of body oil:

Some of the many benefits to incorporating a body oil into your everyday body care and skincare routine include:

  • Hydrate and moisturise dry, tired, and dehydrated skin.
  • Reduce signs of ageing.
  • Wind down after a long or stress filled day.
  • Smooths, firms and clears the skin.
  • Assists with the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars.
  • Help create a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


The addition of body oil is a great, affordable way to bring a much-needed spa-experience to your home. Simply massaging into the skin will bring instant relaxation and relieve the body of tension and the stress of the day as it absorbs in, whilst giving your skin the boost and benefits it needs to keep you looking good and feeling fresh.


woman pointing at stretch marks

Body Oils can help with the appearance of stretchmarks, wrinkles and dry skin.


How Do I Choose the Best Body Oil for Me?

Knowing what the different ingredients do and what that means for you can be quite the challenge when it comes to adding a new product into your skincare or body care routine. Which oils are best for dry skin? Do I need a nourishing body oil? What does hyaluronic acid and bio retinol even do?

Natural ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Bidens Pilosa and Bio Retinol will greatly benefit your skin especially when combined with other organic, natural ingredients and essential oils to create an all-round moisturising, smoothing treatment and comfortable body oil.

Body oils such as our ‘Timeless Renewal Bio Retinol Body Oil’ are made with natural and organic nourishing ingredients to ensure you get the best results. With Hyaluronic Acid, Bidens Pilosa and Bio Retinol working hard to give your skin the treatment it deserves and organic Rose Geranium, Ylan Ylang and Mandarin oils to leave you smelling heavenly all day with just a few drops, it really is a key product to include in your skincare treatment and body care routine. 


What do those ingredients do?

It can be easy to get swept up in the wave of beauty crazes that tell you what ingredients are best for you and what works; however, it can be hard to get a grasp on exactly what those key ingredients do and how they are supposed to benefit your skin and health.

So, let’s have a look at some that we find greatly beneficial and include in our own organic body oils.



Hyaluronic Acid

An innovative active ingredient that locks moisture into the skin for long lasting hydration whilst helping to improve skin elasticity. Despite the name, Hyaluronic Acid is a very gentle ingredient, which can be used by those with eczema-prone or sensitive skin. It’s actually not an ‘acid’ at all. Instead, Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-type sugar-based molecule that can hold a huge amount of water - up to 1000 times its own weight to be precise. It’s a humectant (an ingredient that pulls moisture from the air around it into the skin). This makes it perfect for the job of hydrating the skin’s surface.

This ingredient has been tested and proven to have skin calming and skin barrier improvement properties preventing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Hyaluronic acid is usually used in water-based formulations, but for our body oil we have used an oil soluble hyaluronic acid dispersion in oil for enhanced skin penetration for better activity. The small molecules of hyaluronic acid are evenly dispersed in the oil and get released into the skin nourishing it from the inside.



Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil comes from the rosa canina rose bush, native to Chile. Unlike the essential oil Rose Oil, which is extracted directly from rose petals, Rosehip Oil is a cold pressed oil from the seeds and fruit of the plant. Rosehip Oil can be commonly known as a bio retinol as it contains biologically active tretinoin (all-trans-retinoic acid).

Due to its high fatty acid content, Rosehip Oil helps to strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier, which helps to lock in moisture. These fatty acids also help to boost cell regeneration, which not only helps to reveal health, glowing skin, but means that organic Rosehip Oil can help scars and features in products like facial oils as it can help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation over time as skin regenerates.

Additionally, it works to keep out external pollutants, keeping damage away from the deeper layers of your skin. But it doesn’t end there. Rosehip Oil is also beneficial for acne as it helps to rebalance sebum production, leading to calmer skin and fewer breakouts.

This is a great option for those who want to improve the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Mature skin types can also benefit from rosehip oil where it can help prevent signs of ageing. Its hydrating properties means it has the ability to repair broken skin barriers and soothe irritated skin.



Bidens Pilosa

This sustainable plant-based alternative to Retinol from Bidens Pilosa works to smoothen and plump up skin giving the appearance of younger looking skin. It also stimulates collagen synthesis which helps to improve the look of mature skin and helps to reduce UV spots (hyperpigmentation) by 36%.

Our Bidens Pilosa active ingredient provides “retinol-like” behaviour (it acts on the same receptors as synthetic retinoids) whilst being safe for continuous use and can be used day or night. It offers skin firmness benefits whilst improving elasticity by 12%. Applied on the body, it provides skin smoothing benefits and helps to calm skin irritation.

drop of oil on hand

Take notice of the ingredients in your skincare and what benefits your skin versus what doesn't.


How to use body oils and how to incorporate them into routine?

Using body oils is not so different to applying lotion or moisturiser after a shower. The thought of adding another step to your routine can sometimes deter people from trying new products, but with body oils it’s simple, easy, and rewarding.

Body oils are best applied after a shower to clean, damp skin, as this can increase the effect it has on your skin, for the best results use after exfoliating. They can be used in place of a moisturiser as a lighter option and can be used interchangeably with lotions and moisturisers depending on the needs of your skin. For those who would like to double down on the hydration can use both. Use the body oil as a protective layer to lock in any previous moisturiser and it’ll be sure to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Each product will have a slightly different instruction or preferred way of applying the oil depending on the formulas used, however in most cases it’s as simple as starting with freshly cleansed and slightly damp skin, beginning at your feet with a few drops and gently working your way up, gently massaging the oil into your skin in circular motions, rather than just rubbing it in for a noticeable difference. The warmth of your hands will melt the oil as you apply it, allowing for better absorption of those key ingredients. Give extra attention to any drier areas, such as elbows and knees!



What should I use?

Timeless Renewal Bio-Retinol Body Oil

This heavenly fragranced firming body oil is the latest addition to our age defying product range, and helps to nourish, firm and rejuvenate the appearance of skin whilst improving elasticity and locking in hydration.

Retinol analogue Bidens Pilosa works to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve skin firmness. Hyaluronic Acid locks in hydration and boosts skin elasticity whilst Organic Macadamia Oil and Apricot oils come together to replenish, smooth, soft and younger looking skin. Beautifully fragranced with the scent of organic Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Mandarin essential oils.


How to Use: Begin at your feet and massage the oil into skin before moving up each leg. Then massage on the stomach area before applying oil to each hand, arm and elbows, before moving up and over the shoulders. 

Finally, complete your body sequence with sweeping movements over and across the décolleté and around the shoulders.

Evolve beauty timeless renewal body oil



Super Berry Body Oil

This pregnancy safe, moisturising body oil has been formulated to revive dry and mature skin and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Lightweight and quick to absorb, it is made with a range of incredible natural ingredients that enhance cellular turnover and leave your skin looking its best. This organic and 100% natural body oil uses a subtle, allergen free natural red berry fragrance for a refreshing scent. The vegan formulation is quickly absorbed, without leaving an oily residue which means you can go from skin unrest to dressed in 5 minutes!


How to use: Massage onto any area that is prone to scarring, stretch marks or dryness. Use this product once per day and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine, but you can apply up to three times per day.

You can use this moisturising body oil after showering to lock in moisture.

Evolve Beauty super berry body oil


Tropical Blossom Body Polish

Exquisitely scented with tropical blossoms, this Tahitian coconut Monoi oil body polish contains fine particles of organic sugar to buff skin to smooth perfection. When combined with water, the natural sugar extracts gently turn the clear scrub into a creamy milk that rinses away clean, leaving skin smooth, soft and fragranced with the natural exotic tropical scent. Soap free.


How to Use: Massage onto dry skin in circular motions, paying special attention to elbows & knees. Apply warm water to transform into a rich creamy milk before rinsing away, repeat 1-2 times a week.

Warning: make sure your hands are dry to apply the polish, do not add water into the jar.

Evolve beauty Body Polish


Can I use a hydrating body oil in the summer?

During the warmer seasons natural body oils are a great alternative to a heavy moisturising body lotion whilst still be able to provide intense hydration, for those who don't want to subject their skin to heavy, greasy lotions. It is a lightweight and fast absorbing way of delivering a youthful, hydrated and smoother complexion. Just ensure you are still using sun care and protect your skin in the sun regardless of skin type or desire for tan.




Are body oils the right choice for me?

Body oil is universal and almost anyone can use them. They have tremendous benefits for the skin that range from moisturising and hydrating, reduction of inflammation and irritation, anti-ageing properties to firming and smoothing the skin.

The added benefit of including organic essential oils into our organic and natural body oils means that you get an additional boost of relaxation and a heavenly scent without the addition of perfume agents.

Incorporating body oils into your skincare and body care routine will help in maintaining radiant, nourished, and youthful looking skin. However, it is crucial to choose an organic oil that will suit your skin type and provide the most benefits to you and your skin health.

Start including body oils in your body care routine for ultimate self-care and glowing, healthy skin.


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