Autumn-Proof Your Skin

Autumn-Proof Your Skin

Autumn-Proof Your Skin

As the season changes, so can ours skin. The lower temperatures, use of central heating, overly hot baths, change of routine and blustery weather can all take a toll and wreak havoc on your skin. This can result in increased skin sensitivity, dry patches, redness (erythema) or even breakouts.

The change in season doesn't just call for a different wardrobe, but an updated skincare ritual.

Take a peek at our top tips for protecting and nourishing your skin this Autumn.


1. Get a humidifier

Humidifiers work by infusing moisture into the air, and adding a humidifier to your home or office (or both!) can be hugely beneficial and can provide your skin with relief and additional hydration. Using a humidifier can help to soothe sensitive skin and reduce redness.


2. Apply oil

Apply oil to help prevent trans-epidermal water loss and lock moisture in. Believe it or not, oil is actually beneficial to oily and combination skin types as well as dry skin, as it can actually help to balance oil production. Be sure to use natural, vegetable-based ingredients such as Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil. Mineral oil (derived from petroleum) does not properly absorb into the skin and can actually clog pores, resulting in breakouts. (Try our Miracle Facial Oil!)


3. Hydrate your diet

Hydrate your tissues from the inside out by including moisture-rich foods in your diet. Foods such as leafy greens, water-rich fruits and healthy fats are fantastic for hydrating the body. Try to include more omegas too. Look to reduce dehydrating elements in your diet, such as alcohol, caffeine, dry meats and starches. Soups are great at hydrating your body and your skin (especially this time of year) and don't forget to increase your water intake too.


4. Exfoliate

Slough away dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin to decongest pores and allow leave-on products to penetrate and work more effectively. Exfoliation works to support the cellular renewal process and cell turnover, whilst targeting dry patches. Exfoliation can also help to support the circulation, which works wonders for your skin! (Try our Radiant Glow or Miracle Mask for a gentle facial exfoliation, or reach for our Tropical Blossom Body Polish for your body.)


Autumn proof your skin