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Slow Beauty

Slow beauty is not only about skincare but more so about wellbeing as a whole, teaching you how to take time out to treat yourself and maximise your products.

It also takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability through every aspect of production. It raises questions as to how the ingredients are sourced and the overall impact it has on the world around us. Even the packaging itself needs to reflect the same ideology and supports sustainability. All these factors come together to promote the movement of slow beauty.

The easiest first step in your slow beauty journey is to look for products that are natural and better yet organic to provide your skin with the purest of ingredients. Plant extracts and natural oils are things to look out for in your skincare. Our Cleansing Balm, Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Miracle Facial Oil are great examples of this, and we've built our entire range around natural elements, making them both better for your skin and for the environment. 

Here are our favourite slow beauty picks that will nourish your skin and allow you to enjoy a relaxing routine.

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