What Slow Beauty Is To Me

What Slow Beauty Is To Me

I’m Laura, the founder of Evolve Beauty and I am here to introduce you to the concept of slow beauty.

In the fast paced world we live in, where we each try to be as efficient with our time as we can and do as many things as possible on our journey from A to B, it is easy to miss the small details of our days and rush through activities without enjoying them.

Slow beauty is all about sustainability and truly enjoying every moment of your beauty rituals. The idea of fast beauty is very much like fast fashion - buying lots of inexpensive, often low quality items, following the latest trends and not necessarily shopping from the most planet-friendly places.

At Evolve, we believe in slow beauty. It’s a sustainable attitude that can reduce damaging impact on our planet, our bank balance and also our mindset!

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What Is Slow Beauty?

Slow beauty is mindful beauty. Making mindful decisions at every stage of your beauty rituals: what you are buying, how much, where from, the way you use your products and what happens to them afterwards.

Instead of going mindlessly through the motions we should be mindful and enjoy the time spent on ourselves. If slow beauty is quality over quantity, we should think about how we can add extra relaxation to the host of other benefits from our products and take time to treat our skin, thinking about how we care for it for the longer term, rather than opting for quick fix solutions. 

By this we don’t mean you should embark on a new 12 - step beauty routine, if anything we mean the opposite - only use the products you need to use. Minimising products respects your skin's natural beauty and function and prevents the skin being over treated or overloaded with products. Our skin has a natural biome of friendly bacteria which can be damaged by over cleansing or the wrong pH products. It is one of our detoxification organs and certain products can block that function.

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How can we practice slow beauty?

Before you next buy a beauty product, ask yourself why you are buying it. Are you buying it because it will serve a purpose to you or bring you genuine joy? Or are you buying it because you liked the packaging, because it was on special offer or because it’s the latest trend?

Try to only buy what you need or what you will genuinely, really enjoy using. (An added bonus is that this can also help to reduce your spending!)

Next, think about where you are buying a beauty product from. Is the item ethically produced using sustainable materials and ingredients? Are any people, animals or parts of our planet harmed in the manufacturing process? 

Then, think about how you are using your products. Are you applying them in a slap-dash manner, or are you enjoying and making the most out of the application process? 

Try to appreciate the texture and natural fragrance of your products as you use them. Take some time out of your day for yourself and carefully massage your body lotion, or give yourself a mini acupressure massage as you apply your moisturiser. 

Being mindful and savouring every moment ensures that you are getting the very most out of your products, but it can also help to relax your mind, too. We’ve got some great blogs that include some simple slow beauty rituals you can try at home! You can read them here:

Finally, think about what happens to any remaining waste or packaging you may have after you have finished your beauty products. Is the packaging recyclable, refillable or reusable? We love upcycling our used packaging - think about how you could turn a used glass jar into a plant pot or candle holder, or use a spray bottle as a plant mist or pillow mist. You can take a look at our blog for upcycling ideas that you can try! I also love using pinterest as a source of inspiration!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to take your time and enjoy the many benefits of slow beauty!