April 25, 2019 2 min read

Today we’re catching up with Kimberley, one of the Business Development Managers at the Evolve Beauty Studio. You can’t often find Kimberley working in the actual studio, but when you can she is usually laughing away as she spreads the word about Evolve Beauty.


Name: Kimberley Gray Evolve Beauty Artisan

Role: Business Development Manager

Tell us a little about a typical day for you in the Evolve Studio:

I often work remotely from the studio (although I do pop in to visit every two weeks or so!), and a typical day would involve answering a stream of email enquiries and trying to spread the Evolve Beauty word to potential partners we would like to work with!

What is your favourite part of your role?

I love hunting for new businesses to work with! It’s always great when we get to meet like-minded people and we’re able to build good partnerships with other brands.

Tell us something about you that we don’t already know:

My toes are double jointed…

What’s your skin type?

Combination! I have oily and dry patches with a few spots appearing now and then! I’m usually very dehydrated and so I prefer to use skincare for dryer skin as long as it’s not too heavy!

What’s your favourite Evolve product?

That’s a tough question! I love the Hyaluronic Serum 200 and I am a huge fan of the Tropical Blossom Body Polish. I also carry the Daily Defence Moisture Mist everywhere with me - It’s great if you’re tired / hungover / very hot! Ooh and I also love the Radiant Glow Mask and the Gentle Cleansing Melt as they both smell incredible!

Tell us your favourite beauty tip: I try to drink plenty of water and always use a (Evolve) serum and moisturiser on my dehydrated skin!

We’ve really enjoyed catching up with Kimberley today! Be sure to head over to our Team Page to meet the rest of the Evolve Beauty Makers.