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April 25, 2019 3 min read

Pomegranates can be used in a variety of dishes, from puddings to savoury mains - and this versatility gives us a clue as to the wealth of ways it can benefit our bodies, too. The delicious fruit yields a fantastically beneficial extract as well as an oil that’s cold-pressed from the seeds, both of which can be used in skin and haircare.

Whilst we use both in our products, Pomegranate Seed Oil is our focus today. It can be used as a standalone ingredient or combined with other powerful actives to achieve a specific effect.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

As anyone with dry skin will tell you, oils are the skin’s best friend. Pomegranate Seed Oil in particular has a bit of a cult following, and we use it in our Daily Renew Natural Face Cream in combination with Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil to deeply hydrate normal-dry skin. Pomegranate Seed Oil is a fantastic addition to moisturising products as it heals and maintains the outer layer of the epidermis whilst nourishing the deeper layers of skin, meaning moisture is retained for longer.

As an added benefit, pomegranate seed oil boasts a huge dose of antioxidants - around as much as green tea. These antioxidants help to fight free radicals and prevent the damage they cause - which includes wrinkles. In addition, the oil stimulates the production of keratinocytes, whose primary function is to form the skin barrier to prevent external damage. This boosts the production of new skin cells, prompting the old cells to be shed from the skin. The new skin cells provide a glowy, youthful look to your face and are more elastic than their older counterparts, leaving you with bouncier skin too. As well as improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles, pomegranate seed oil has yet another trick up its sleeve: it contains a form of estrogen, which aids collagen production and improves skin’s texture - leaving you with plumped, smooth skin!

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Even though it’s an oil, you shouldn’t dismiss it if you don’t have dry skin. While it is excellent at hydrating, pomegranate seed oil is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores and cause breakouts, and it sinks easily into skin, leaving behind minimal residue. In fact, the combination of flavanoids and punicic acid lend this oil anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being anti-microbial and accelerating wound healing. Combined, these properties reduce the occurrence of breakouts, and heal any current blemishes you’re struggling with. And though those with dry skin are more prone to wrinkles, sadly normal to oily skin types are not immune, and the anti-ageing benefits apply to all skin types! As an added bonus, the boosted production of keratinocytes reduces scarring, so if you have any pesky acne scars it’s a great one to reach for!

Punicic acid is an omega-5 fatty acid, and the high content in Pomegranate Seed Oil means that the anti-inflammatory effects don’t just work on blemishes. It’s a great oil to choose if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, as it hydrates the skin whilst soothing the redness and inflammation. In fact, it’s even a good remedy for sunburn - though of course we strongly advise trying not to burn in the first place!

Pomegranate Seed Oil is quite the wonder ingredient, then - and its benefits are not confined to skin! If you’re craving silky soft locks, it might be time to smooth on some of this oil. There has been a bit of a revolution recently in terms of the ‘skinification’ of haircare - that is, treating our scalps the same way we’d treat our facial skin. While some ingredients don’t lend themselves to this because of their effect on strands, Pomegranate Seed Oil does - and has some great benefits. Rub a few drops into your scalp and you’ll notice that your head will have fewer clogged follicles. Your hair will actually grow more quickly thanks to this and the antioxidants and vitamins which stimulate blood flow to your scalp. The vitamin C strengthens hair, and the oil balances the pH level of your head. Over time, this reduces excessive oil production, so though it might seem counter-intuitive to add oil to greasy hair, it could be just the thing your hair needs! Additionally, the oil will soften and rejuvenate dull hair - hello good hair day, every day!

We really weren’t joking about the many benefits of this fabulous oil. Who would have thought such little seeds could produce so much goodness? It even has a delicious scent, so using it creates a little bit of pampering time for you. Whether you want to use it alone or in a product, smoothed through your hair or massaged into skin, pomegranate seed oil is certainly one of our favourites!

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